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How to download the App

How to download the App!

How to use the Cashback App

How to use the Cashback App?

How to Shop ONLINE

Money-Cashback: How to Shop ONLINE

With the number 1 Shopping Community, you can enjoy exclusive deals and attractive offers worldwide. Get Cashback and Shopping Points every time you shop - all this on top of free, non-binding membership. Just the way I like it!

Benefits of Cashback World:

Up to 5% Cashback on all your purchases at over 150000 Loyalty Merchants worldwide

Option to receive and redeem Shopping Points

Hundreds of exclusive offers

FREE membership

Get money back when you shop Online or Offline


Get money back when you shop Online or Offline

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Close to 5.000 partners and 20.000 acceptance points are in U.S.


6% cashback

3 SP

2% cashback

1 SP

3% cashback

1,5 SP

4% cashback

2 SP

4% cashback

2 SP

1% cashback

0,5 SP

Papa John's Pizza IHOP Starbucks Coffee CVS Pharmacy Bed Bath & Beyond

Depending on the purchases, it can be saved hundreds or thousands of dollars a year!


Terms & Conditions

Data Privacy Policy

Data Protection Declaration

Terms & Conditions

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Simply App

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eVoucher - Guide & How to use it

eVoucher - Guide & How to use it